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Being charged with a crime is serious and often stressful matter because there is a lot at stake. Possible consequences with a conviction may include hefty fines, prison time, loss of employment and permanent criminal record. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, turn to Sackllah and Associates, PLLC for the best legal advice and representation. This law firm has successfully handled many types of crimes, including DWI/DUI, white collar crimes and felonies. Successes have included dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, parole instead of jail time and reduced sentencing.

The Process: The Law Firm of Sackllah and Associates, PLLC

The criminal justice process is complex. Attorneys at the Law Firm of Sackllah and Associates work closely with clients to enjoy they are kept in the loop and are treated fairly throughout the legal process. Plus, the attorneys at this law firm do a thorough investigation of your case. This includes, crime scene reenactment, photos, speaking with law enforcement, taking witness statements, collaborating with the prosecutor, evaluating ballistic reports and attaining DNA sample reports. They are committed to developing a strong criminal defense strategy on your behalf. And if a plea bargain is available, they let clients know the pros and cons of accepting one.

Trial and Post-Trial: Sackllah and Associates, PLLC

If the case does go to trial, the attorneys at Sackllah and Associates are experienced, aggressive litigators in the courtroom. They will prepared with exhibits, witnesses and case reports. Plus, they know how to cross examine witnesses for the prosecution. Even though the Law Firm of Sackllah and Associates has had many successes, juries can be unpredictable. If the outcome is not favorable, the attorneys at Sackllah and Associates will file an appeal. Experienced in the appellate process, they know how to do in-depth case research and present a strong oral argument before the appellate judge.

Even if you’re just a suspect of a crime, it’s likely that the police will want to interview you. Don’t ever answer police questions without your attorney present. You may unwittingly say something that can be used against you in court.