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Family law is one of the most emotional practice areas, as it involves the potential tearing apart of once harmonious families. Fortunately, with the help of the right attorney, the drama typically associated with family law can be kept to a minimum. Sackllah and Associates, PLLC provides caring and compassionate service for clients striving to resolve a variety of family law issues. It is the ideal resource to turn to for guidance during this difficult time.

Family Law Issues Tackled At Sackllah and Associates, PLLC

Family law is typically associated with divorce, but the practice area also encompasses a variety of other legal concerns. Spouses who intend to get married often visit family lawyers in hopes of protecting their assets via prenuptial agreements. Later, while married, spouses may work with family lawyers to complete postnuptial agreements. Family lawyers can also assist with the adoption process. This could involve consulting with an adoption agency or taking on the role of adoptive parent after marrying a parent with children from a previous relationship.

In addition to assisting with adoption and pre or postnuptial agreements, family law attorneys provide much-needed advice regarding child custody, visitation, alimony, child support and division of property. Depending on the wishes of the client, these issues can be resolved through mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation. No one approach to divorce is ideal for all separating spouses, so it is important to consult with a law firm such as Sackllah and Associates, PLLC to determine whether a particular tactic might garner favorable results. No matter how you decide to approach your divorce proceedings, you can count on Sackllah and Associates for reliable legal counsel.

Sackllah and Associates, PLLC: Compassionate Legal Service

The kindhearted lawyers at Sackllah and Associates, PLLC understand the stress and anxiety experienced by clients dealing with sensitive family law matters. Aware of this emotional duress, these lawyers always strive to treat their clients with compassion. However, they also recognize that aggressive representation may be required in order to successfully resolve contentious divorce and separation cases. Their blending of empathy for clients and boldness in the courtroom has continually proven successful.